Recent Members Joining WLN:
  • DLG Logistic of Costa Rica |  
  • R Cube Logistics & Consulting of India |  
  • Aero Africa of South Africa |  
  • Allstar Shipping of India |  
  • AeroConsol of Germany |  
  • Sobel Network Shipping of USA |  
  • Varast of Slovenia |  
  • World Freight Solutions of Australia |  
  • Deniz Global Logistics of Turkey |  
  • Thiermann Forwarding of Netherlands |  

Welcome to World Logistics Network!

World Logistics Network stands out among the 100+ conventional freight forwarding networks. For a nominal annual fee, which is comparable to attending a traditional network conference, WLN provides the members with the opportunity to participate in a well-planned Bi-Annual Conference while also being a part of an efficient network that offers complete website capabilities.

The foundation of the WLN concept is based on the belief that periodic Face-to-Face Meetings are the most beneficial aspect of any network. This idea is the core principle of the World Logistics Network (WLN).

WLN's Bi-Annual Conferences are held every six months and are skillfully coordinated with a comprehensive program of pre-arranged Face-to-Face Meetings and social events. The goal is to promote long-lasting friendships and camaraderie among the members, resulting in increased sales and business.

WLN is jointly owned by Global Logistics Network (GLN) and Five Star Logistics Network (5-SLN), with neutral management by Mr. Boy Blonk.

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Why choose World Logistics Network

We pride ourselves as a rapidly expanding network for businesses. Unlike other networks, we have a proven track record of success. This success can be attributed to our members who are professional, reliable, and trustworthy, as well as our two annual Conferences, hands-on approach, application, and extensive experience in building long-lasting business relationships within our network. And the best part is, we offer all these benefits at an incredibly low annual fee, which sets us apart from other networks.

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